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Ricks Beading Loom features

The Ricks Bead­ing Loom comes fully assem­bled with three warp rods  (one is a spare), four warp pegs (one is a spare), a warp sep­a­ra­tor card and easy-to-follow step-by-step instruc­tions fully illus­trated in color to get you started.

Sturdy hard­wood con­struc­tion for a life­time of bead­ing. The ergonomic design lets you to bead at a com­fort­able, nat­ural angle and lessens strain on your wrists. Fully adjustable from two to twelve inches in length — this allows you to make a vari­ety of projects of nearly any size.

Ricks Beading Loom onty two warp threads

A per­fect fin­ish every time!  You’re left with only TWO WARP THREADS to weave back in after you com­plete your project.

The same project woven on an ordi­nary loom (left) leaves you with lots of messy warp threads to weave back in.  With The Ricks Bead­ing Loom, you never have more than two warp threads left to deal with (as seen on the right).

You can use any size or shape of bead with The Ricks Beading Loom

You can use any size or shape bead with­out any adap­ters –  even mix bead sizes and types in the same project. Cre­ate jew­el­ery and wear­able art impos­si­ble to make on other looms.

You can loom with Japan­ese cylin­der beads, seed beads of any size (and mix sizes if you wish). You can loom with two-hole flat beads, bi-cone or fire pol­ished crys­tals. All with­out mak­ing any changes or installing any adap­tors on your loom. You’re finally free to cre­ate, to do what the artist inside of you dictates.

Photo at left cour­tesy of Kath­leen McCabe-Elsey, Don’Kay Designs