The Ricks Loomatiks!

Ricks Loomatiks blog postHi Every­body,

I’m get­ting ready to head off to New Jer­sey to install the char­ter for the found­ing chap­ter of THE RICKS LOOMATIKS! What are the Ricks Loomatiks? They are a group of peo­ple who own The Ricks Bead­ing Loom and get together on a reg­u­lar basis to bead on their looms and exchange ideas on the cre­ation of some of the most beau­ti­ful beaded jew­elry and wear­able art I have seen. So far we have three chap­ters of The Ricks Loomatiks and if you would like to have infor­ma­tion on form­ing your own chap­ter, just con­tact me and I will you the information.

Paul Ricks

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