Jewel School Logo isoHi Every­body! I get the chance to appear on JTV’s LIVE nation­ally tele­vised JEWEL SCHOOL again this week. The show is Sun­day and Mon­day from 10 am to 12 noon (East­ern Time). I got the pro­duc­tion sched­ule yes­ter­day and my first seg­ment begins about 10:49 am. There will be another seg­ment between 11:45 and 12 noon. Hope­fully in the sec­ond seg­ment I will be able to talk our RICKS LOOMATIKS chap­ter in Mor­ganville, NJ.  You can check the JTV pro­gram guide .

I will also be doing a class today at White Fox Beads. I will have an expert assis­tant help­ing in the class. That will be my (much) younger sis­ter, Melanie Ricks Ladd. She is an excel­lent Bead Instruc­tor, and out­stand­ing loom artist  and designer. I look for­ward to her assis­tance in the class!

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