The Ricks Beading Loom Never have more than two warp threads to deal with again! Tue, 03 Apr 2018 02:38:22 +0000 en-US hourly 1 ANNUAL BEAD GATHERING OF THE SCBS! Sun, 09 Aug 2015 15:20:13 +0000 Kim Kardashian and Kanye west have bought a house, them to are renovating in a hurry, with regard to ready in front of the baby comes along. Meanwhile, Kim will be off junk food and onto the proper diet, with regular, cautious workouts, while she listens to her person. That’s where the best advice comes received from.This is followed by two bonus tracks: the first, the brooding Breathe Easy, uses the extended metaphor of rapping as physical work-out. Done well, it’s a fierce rebuttal to any criticized Jay-Z’s skill as the rapper; one-liners are good, but storytelling and extended metaphors are some of the hallmarks of rap’s elite from Be.I.G. to Andre 3000. This is accompanied by an even livelier version of Girls, Girls, click here Girls, one that practically enables you to forget upon the original. Caused adidas yeezy boost 750, Jay-Z provides new verses, as clever as your first repaired.A corporate partner of MTV jumped to make the most of of information technology. Comedy Central, like MTV of Viacom Incorporated., planned to rerun four times in a row on Tuesday a “South Park” episode that poked fun at West’s ego. West has even poked fun of his ego previously on Saturday Night Live hosted by LeBron Jeremy.

Hi Everyone, We had a great class the annual Bead Gathering of The Southern Colorado Bead Society (SCBS)Kelly 2 Abby 4 Class 1 in progress 2. I had the privilege of sharing the class room with Ms. Kelly Weiss, one of the country’s best off-loom designers. There is a picture of her below as she demonstrates making a bead embroidery project. The Gathering was held on the grounds of the beautiful Holy Cross Abby (a working monastery) in Canon City Colorado (photo below). Here are a couple of pictures of the class members hard at work making the “Big Top” (faux herringbone) bracelet on their Ricks Beading Looms.

For those of you who are users of The Ricks Beading Loom, but not yet a member of our facebook group The Ricks Loomatiks, feel free to join us at just click “join” and the next time I log on, I will approve you for membership. It’s a very active group and we get the opportunity to show off our latest creations, share techniques and ask questions. “COME ON OVER!”

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GREAT CLASSES AT LODI’S BEADS Fri, 31 Jul 2015 21:30:55 +0000 We just completed six classes at Lodi’s Beads in Bosque Farms, NM. These were really great classes and I want to compliment the ladies at Lodi’s on their beading skills! They have been making some really nice pieces using off-loom techniques and now they can move on to making even more on The Ricks Beading Loom.
I can’t say enough about the hospitality shown me by not only byLodi 1 Lodi 2 Lodi 3 Hat cake Lodi Ake 1 group w lodi 2 boogie work Lodi and the staff (Pat and Alana), but by the students also. Many of them brought treats and snacks for us to munch on while we worked. Also, Lodi’s husband, Wayne, bought this really cool “Hat Cake” at an auction at the fair and brought it over for us. Of course they loaded me down with left-overs to take back to Colorado with me.
For those of you who may have already purchased a Ricks Beading Loom, you really should visit our Facebook group page at: It’s a very active group and to take part in the group, just click “join” and I’ll approve your membership the next time I log on. YOU TOO CAN BE A “RICKS LOOMATIK”!
Here are a few of the pictures I took during the classes for you to take a look at.

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I will be making a special appearance at Lodi’s Beads in Bosque Farms, NM July 23rd through July 26th. During this appearance, I will be doing demonstrations using the Ricks Beading Loom, hold a trunk show featuring projects made on The Ricks Beading Loom, signing looms and b0oklets and conducting classes on The Ricks Beading Loom at the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Levels.
I’m really looking forward to the time I will spend at Lodi’s and getting to know all of her customers. I’m sure we will wind up with many more “Ricks Loomatiks”. For those of you aren’t aware of The Ricks Loomatiks, it is a group of people who own and use The Ricks Beading Loom who get together monthly at their local bead shop, bead on their loom, spend fun time together, trade tips and techniques and generally just have a great time with their Ricks Beading Looms!

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LOOMATIK NEWS! Fri, 19 Jun 2015 15:57:35 +0000 WOW! You should see the pictures of some of the things people are making on the Ricks Beading Loom! Those of you who are users of The Ricks Beading Loom, but are not a member of The Ricks Loomatiks, should seriously consider joining/starting a local chapter and then joining our Ricks Loomatiks facebook group. If you want more information, email me at and I’ll get it right out to you.

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FACEBOOK GROUP FOR THE RICKS LOOMATIKS! Tue, 02 Jun 2015 20:39:01 +0000 Ricks Loomatiks Facebook Group

Finally, I have the OFFICIAL facebook group for the Ricks Loomatiks up and running! If you are a member of a local chapter of The Ricks Loomatiks, just go to and click “join” to be added to our group. BEWARE there is another unauthorized group using the same name out of the United Kingdom. If you don’t see the banner pictured above, you’re on the wrong page!

If you are a user of The Ricks Beading Loom, but not yet a member of the Loomatiks, just email me at with the city, state and zip where you live or buy beads and I’ll get you set up with a local chapter.

What are The Ricks Loomatiks?

Simply put, The Ricks Loomatiks are merely a group of people who own a Ricks Beading Loom and are having so much fun with it designing and creating jewelry and wearable art that they wish to get together and enjoy themselves sharing ideas and, in general, having a little party while working with their looms!

Is it a FORMAL organization? No, but the name “The Ricks Loomatiks” is trademarked and reserved for use by chapters of Loomatiks. The people involved can make their groups as informal or formal as they like. There is no real need to have any structure at all, if that’s the way they want it.

Ricks Loomatiks Retro Vegas Sign Blog

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KITS ARE HERE! Sat, 06 Sep 2014 20:33:25 +0000 Illusion of Diamonds bracelet Bead Looming kit

Desert Fire Bracelet kit Glittering kit package

Hey Everybody! Kits specially designed for The Ricks Beading Loom are here! They are called “LOOMAKITS” and distributed exclusively by The BeadSmith (Helby Import Co.).  They are in easy-open plastic “blister boxes”. Look for these kits in your local bead shop and if you don’t see them, ask the owner to order them for you.

There are currently four kits available. The kits will include not only detailed, illustrated instructions for making the projects, but also EVERYTHING needed to complete it! This includes the beads, thread, needles and clasp components. The “Glittering Crystals”, “Wizzo” and “Illusion of Diamonds” kits even include the nifty “Miyuki Slide Tubes” for the ends of the projects giving them a VERY professional look! I think you’re going to like these kits.

The first is called “Desert Fire” which is a southwestern style pattern patterned after the style of the Hopi and Zuni peoples of Northern Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado. This is a very colorful pattern which reminds me of my winter home in Casa Grande, Arizona. This pattern has a difficulty level of “High Beginner”.

The next pattern is called “Illusion of Diamonds” and has an illusory visual effect in that sometimes it looks like a diamond pattern and if you look away then look back it looks like a pinwheel pattern. I was inspired to design this pattern when my wife and I stopped at a roadside restaurant in Idaho for lunch. I looked at the pattern of the upholstery of the booth we were sitting in and thought “hmm…bead pattern?” That night I worked it up and it’s been very popular. The difficulty level for this one is also “High Beginner”.

The third one is the “Wizzo Bracelet” and uses the relatively new “Rizo” beads and size 11 Delica beads. It sort of reminds me of either a caterpillar (the insect, not the bulldozer!) or a furry little critter! The beads included in this kit are Opaque Black Rizo beads and Silver Lined Silver Delicas but the pattern looks great with any contrasting colors — I especially like using Opaque Black Delicas and Opaque White Rizos! The difficulty level for this kit is “Intermediate”.

The fourth kit is the “Glittering Crystals” kit. This kit features two colors of Delica Beads (Silver and Gold) and two colors of Preciosa 4mm bicone crystals (Siam and Clear). The kit is designated as an “Advanced Level” project in that not only are you doing straight, flat looming, but you string the crystals on the warp thread before warping the loom and then use the square stitch technique (instructions on this technique included) for edge embellishment.

As you can tell, I’m very excited about the release of these kits which have been in development for almost eighteen months. Now that we have the procedure down and the glitches in production worked out look for another twelve kits to be released in the coming months!

Thanks for all the support out there from my loyal “LOOMATIKS”!

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JTV Customer Appreciation Days Classes Fri, 11 Jul 2014 17:45:37 +0000 GREAT NEWS! I have just finished finalizing my appearance at JTV’s CUSTOMER APPRECIATION DAYS! This event takes place Sept. 11 through Sept. 15, 2014 at JTV headquarters in Knoxville, Tennessee. I will be presenting two classes each day on Sept. 11 through 13. One class runs from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm and the next starts at 4:30 pm till 7:30 pm. These classes will all be beginner level classes on “How to Loom on The Ricks Beading Loom”. The students will not only complete a loomed bracelet but will learn how to warp The Ricks Beading Loom, how to do basic level looming, how to remove your project from The Ricks Beading Loom, how weave in the only TWO remaining warp threads and one method for attaching a clasp.

I am truly honored to be allowed to participate in this event. I feel very fortunate that The Ricks Beading Loom has become one of the most successful new products to hit the Beading Community in many years. This would not have been possible were it not for the loyal JTV customers (and my customers everywhere). I want to give just a little bit back to these wonderful beaders by presenting these classes.

If at all possible, I would urge you to join us at this wonderful event in Knoxville in September. Of course, I will not be the only person presenting classes at this event. There will be several other nationally known instructors presenting classes on how to create some of the beautiful jewelry featured on JTV’s Jewel School show. So come and learn these techniques. ALSO, you will have the opportunity to meet and greet the fabulous on-air hosts and production staff of the JEWEL SCHOOL show! Including my favorite host, the always lovely and lively KIM PRENTISS!

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Southern Colorado Bead Society Annual “Bead Retreat” Fri, 11 Jul 2014 17:31:15 +0000 I will be appearing at the Southern Colorado Bead Society’s “Annual Bead Retreat” in Colorado Springs, CO to present a class on “How to Loom with Two Hole Beads”. With all of the different types of two-hole beads hitting the shops recently, project made with these beads are generating a LOT interest when they are displayed on our table at the major bead shows. These beads pretty much got their start with the introduction of the Tila beads by Miyuki a few years ago. Now, not only do we have the Tila beads, we have the “Half-Tilas” (same width, half as long), Super Duo beads, Brick beads (in several shapes), and the brand new “Bi-Bo” beads from The BeadSmith.

The class at Southern Colorado Bead Society’s “Bead Retreat” will feature several different techniques for using all of these beads as well as how to manipulate the beads on The Ricks Beading Loom to create some truly fascinating projects. Once the new loom artist masters these techniques, the imagination is your only limitation.

Join us the the SCBS 2014 Bead Retreat if at all possible. I will not be the only instructor presenting classes as several other nationally known instructors will be there as well showing lots of interesting and beautiful project classes.


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BEAD AND BUTTON, 2014 Wed, 04 Jun 2014 14:12:36 +0000 Hi Everyone, I’m off to Milwaukee tomorrow morning for the big BEAD AND BUTTON 2014 bead show! It’s supposed to be the largest bead show in the country. My sister, Melanie Ricks Ladd and I will be demonstrating THE RICKS BEADING LOOM in The BeadSmith booth. I’m sure we’ll be meeting many “RICKS LOOMATIKS” at the show. Be sure to drop by the booth and have your loom and booklet signed. I“m always happy to sign them.

Last years show was great and if the interest shown lately is any indication, this years show will be better than ever! Hopefully we’ll have kits designed specially for THE RICKS BEADING LOOM available for order at this years show. I have prepared 6 different kits, each featuring one of my own designs. The BeadSmith has working to get them into production and I understand they are now ready.Here are some photos from past years shows and of course, I’ll be taking more pictures at this years show.

DSC_0032 Pic 1 Pic 4 Pic 8

]]> 0 Mon, 10 Mar 2014 22:09:09 +0000 I have really enjoyed working on the Ricks Beading Loom with the Miyuki Baroque Pearls. I used sizes 5 and 6 to create these pieces. Since using such large round beads can tend to make the piece ‘thready’, I used that to my advantage by warping the loom with more interesting threads. I used silver S-lon for the tri-colored bracelet with the butterfly clasp. The white/pink bracelet was an experiment using a pearlized cotton crochet thread that I’ve been dying to try as warp thread. It worked well, but like S-lon, I coat the ends with clear nail polish before trying to thread it into a yarn needle to make the knots as I tie off the warps. Daisy spacers are a nice compliment to these lustrous beads.
I was happy to finally design pieces suitable these clasps and the oval lampwork focal bead I have saved for several years. The butterfly clasp was not just the right shade for the bronze pearls, so I tinted it with bronze Ranger Perfect Pearls pigment powder. I’ve worn the bracelet several times now and notice no rubbing off of the pigment, so maybe it will hold! 
The heft of these bracelets make them feel good on my arm and the texture of the materials shows off the Baroque Pearls! Like Paul says, anything with a hole in it can be loomed on the Ricks Beading Loom! Love that loom!
Melanie Ladd
Baroque Pearls pink Baroque PearlsWarping floss
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