Coming Soon in 2014!!

Multi Pillow and Crystal iso Pillow Crystal Cuff iso Pillow Bars isoHi Every­body, I recently received an advance sam­ple of new beads that will be avail­able through The Bead­Smith after the first of the years. The Bead­Smith wanted my opin­ion con­cern­ing what I thought of the beads and asked if I thought they should add them to their inven­tory. My answer was a RESOUNDING YES! I wish I could tell what these beads will be called, but even I haven’t been told yet. I’ve been refer­ring to them as “Pil­low Beads” because they are shaped some­what like a pil­low. They are a two hole bead and are about the size of the “brick” beads we are all famil­iar with.

I only received three col­ors (blue, sil­ver and gold), but I under­stand that they will be avail­able in a myr­iad of col­ors. I started play­ing around with them and guess what? I LOVE THEM!! They work very well with The Ricks Bead­ing Loom. So far I have made three dif­fer­ent projects using these beads and they work up very, very well. I’m really look­ing for­ward to get­ting more of these beads in dif­fer­ent colors.

When you see these new beads appear­ing in your local bead shop — snap them up, you’ll like them!



  1. Can you ascend or descend on loom

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