A “Loomarick” from the Loomatiks!

Ricks Loomatiks logoAt the big kick-off event for THE RICKS LOOMATIKS at The Birds and The Beads shop in Mor­ganville, NJ, I was pre­sented with a copy of a “Loomar­ick” (not a Lim­er­ick,  but a Loom­er­ick) writ­ten by a young man espe­cially for the occa­sion. I wanted to share it with you:

There once was a man Mr. Ricks

The loom he invented was our fix

With so many uses

And no more excuses

We’ve dis­cov­ered WERE ALL LOOMATIKS!

Thanks to Mr. Tim Dempsey of New Jer­sey for his won­der­ful imagination!

We had a won­der­ful time at the Kick-off event, with over 75 loomers in atten­dance. I want to thank Mrs. Donna Raskin for orches­trat­ing this evening. It seems a won­der­ful time was had by all. I will be post­ing more infor­ma­tion about it and putting up some pho­tos as soon as I receive them.


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